Summer Time in the Pines

The temperatures in the Valley are rising, it is time to get out of town and enjoy the nice cool mountain air of Arizona. As summer has come, our reservation calendar has filled up quickly with your requests to take our teardrop trailer to the high country. We are happy to still offer you the top of the line teardrop out there, all while being a small operation.

Many have inquired if we will be getting more trailers to match the demand, to be simple, the answer is yes. However, it is more a matter of when it will happen, not if it will happen.

Suggested Camping Spots

Some have asked for suggested camping spots in Arizona, so I figured I would share a couple that I have enjoyed this year.

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Spring is in the air, its a beautiful 75 degrees outside, and I am going to a baseball game this Saturday!

The last few weeks the reservations have started coming in to rent the teardrop trailer later this spring and in the summer. I absolutely love Winter in Arizona, but boy it is exciting to get out in the woods and camp again. (Yep, I am a wuss and don’t camp in the snow.)

I just want to offer some thanks to our customers; past, present and future for their support of this venture. I just spoke with folks over at Tom’s Camperland, where we purchased the Teardrop, and they have some in stock! Jackrabbit Rentals is here so you don’t have to buy your own teardrop, but if you are interested I just had to let you know. The teardrop community is delightful to be a part of, and we are always excited to have more people join in the fun.

Thanks again and happy camping!

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Winter Season

The winter season is here! We just had our first rental go up to Stoneman Lake for the weekend, where they had near zero degree temps! Although it was cold outside, our customers used a couple of heating blankets and snuggled up to have a nice cozy night’s sleep.

I honestly don’t expect to get many more rentals during these winter months, although our trailer is available, due to the cold. Although we have beautiful desert camping and many places without snow, we Arizonan’s are just wimps when it comes to camping in the cold.

I couldn’t be happier with the response I have seen so far, as customer after customer has taken out our little teardrop trailer.

To keep yourselves warm this winter start planning your spring break, book the trailer now for those warmer spring months ahead.