Frequently Asked Questions.

When are pickup times?

You can pick up the trailer after 3pm on your reservation day. Though, chances are we can get it to you earlier, just give us a call to make sure the trailer is clean and ready for you.

What time do I have to return it?

Return time is 1pm, chances are, someone else has the trailer reserved right after you, and we need time to clean it out between rentals. However, feel free to call to check to see if you can get a later return time, this will depend on the amount of rentals.

How big is your teardrop?

Our 5-Wide Platform teardrop trailer is 78″ fender to fender, 148″ long, and 970 lbs. Featuring an interior room of 58.5″wide x 92″long. (Roughly the size of a queen size mattress.)

What payment methods do you support?

We process payments through SquareUp, a fully PCI compliant gateway. We currently accept the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Discover, Mastercard & American Express. Please contact us to process your payment.

Accepted payment methods - major credit cards

Can I change my reservation?

Yes. You may make changes to your reservation as long as your new requested dates are available. Although there will be NO CHANGES 13 days prior to rental date. Read the rental agreement.

Can I cancel my reservation?

There is a 14 day cancellation policy on all rentals. There is a cancellation fee of $30/day 13 days prior to pickup. Read the rental agreement.

Requirements for towing a teardrop trailer?

You will need at least a Class 1 hitch installed (Rated at 2,000 lbs), and a 7 way round electrical hookup for tail lights & power package. (The 7 way allows the trailer battery to trickle charge off of your car battery)

Need a 4 flat to 7 blade adapter? We found ours at O’Reilly auto parts.

Don’t have a trailer hitch? You have three options:

1.) Borrow a vehicle. 2.) Have a hitch installed 3.) Rent a truck from U-Haul (roughly $19.95/day + milegage).

How does insurance work with a teardrop trailer?

We do not provide liability insurance coverage on our trailers. You must submit/provide liability insurance coverage on the towed trailer through your personal auto policy. Most auto insurers just require that you inform them you will be towing a trailer for the weekend.

However we do insure the trailer for damages that are caused to it whilst in your care. In our rental agreement we require your acceptance of upto $500 in damages each time you rent a trailer.

Are there hidden fees?

We would request you look over your Rental Agreement closely for any and all fees. If you rent a teardrop trailer from us, treat it with respect and return it with a clean interior then you will only be charged the amount agreed upon in your Rental Agreement.

What is your policy on pets/smoking?

Smoking is NEVER allowed in or near our rentals. Pets are not allowed inside the cabin. If you violate this policy you are agreeing to an “intensive cleaning” fee, outlined in our Rental Agreement.