Our first order of business

I love the irony that comes with the fact that I am writing a post about how well development of Jackrabbit Rentals is coming. Primarily because the simple fact of being in “development” means that this post will not be available to you untill after launch.

Nonetheless in attempting to be completely transparent at Jackrabbit, I thought I would share the info along the way.

First off I should introduce myself, curator of Jackrabbit Rentals. My name is Devin Bryce, a native Phoenician and avid traveler/camper. I have always had one complaint about camping and that is the setup. Every year I go to two seperate family reunions which are in the White Mountains, (in eastern Arizona), we spend the first half day setting up camp, and the last day breaking camp. That means of my 5 days on “vacation” in the beautiful Apache-Sitgreaves forest, I am spending 1.5 days setting up and taking down. With my first teardrop trailer, that setup was cut down drastically! No need to fumble with a tent, which you may rip or bend a tent pole. No need setup 20′x30′ tarps to keep my tent and bed dry. Now I pull into camp, remove my few items from my trailer and I take a nap whilst the rest of my family is fumbling with their setups.

Ok, so maybe I don’t nap, I don’t have the heart. But you get the picture right? Using a teardrop trailer takes the discomforts out of camping and roadtrip-ing. You have a bed that is guaranteed to be clean, climatized and protected! That means no more sleep problems on the road! Setup is a breeze when compared to pop-tent trailers, tents and even 5th wheels. Relax more, work less!

That is where the name of Jackrabbit Rentals was born. Jackrabbits are quick animals, that thrive well all over Arizona. Much like the wild jackrabbits, our teardrop trailer is 1.) quick & easy to tow 2.) quick to setup 3.) can go anywhere in Arizona!

I hope that by making my teardrop trailer available to others for rent in Arizona, the teardrop community can grow in our state.

So give us a call, and reserve the trailer for your next trip!